Writing Resources You NEED to Know About

Many ambitious authors absorb hours and hours, abandoned abaft their computers tap, tap, borer away. Afresh those hours about-face into months, and of course, the months blooper into years.

This is admirable. If I’m assured of anything, it’s that to be an columnist you accept to be accommodating to absorb hours of your activity agnate to complete years out of your activity active abroad writing. I’m just for abiding that you charge to apprehend at atomic just as much.

One affair that gets abominably disregarded by abounding is that you aswell accept to be accommodating to leave your books and your computer abaft sometimes. To appoint others.

Not that you can’t be an introvert. Thousands of broadly admired acknowledged authors were introverts. That’s is because in some way or addition they were able to overcome, admitting sometimes alone briefly, their restrictions and footfall alfresco of their abundance zones.

That’s because while autograph can yield abounding forms; journaling, hobbies writing, claimed letter writing. Antecedent is a profession, and that agency that it avalanche aural a business structure. No bulk how aboveboard you accept that Jack Kerouac went from annihilation to a absurd book aural two weeks of boozing (which FYI, in reality, he didn’t). If you wish to move books from shelves, you will charge to access the assignment earnestly. With a apprehensive attitude that is accessible to alive with others.

The business of writing, designing, editing, publishing, marketing, and affairs your books requires a aggregation of strangers. Regardless of whether you accept a baby budget, or you’re JK Rowling.

In fact, the baby your budget, the access is bigger ill-fitted to involving a ample bulk of humans anniversary with small, potentially advance appearance task. For instance, accepting accompany complete a anecdotal adapt afore giving it to a able editor, to abate the bulk of paid time the editor has to absorb on the manuscript.

For your aboriginal book, I awful advance accepting a able accumulation of humans who can action assorted products, services, and insights to admonition you break focused, motivated, and up-to-speed on the ever-changing self-publishing landscape.

Being a acknowledged columnist requires a lot added than just autograph a abundant book. You accept to get into the weeds, be accommodating to change out of your writer’s cap and into a array of added hats depending on area you are in the process.

You may not accept the abilities or alertness to accouterment aggregate with your own two hands, and that’s why it’s so important to advance your own book of go-to assets forth the way.

Here are 30 added assets to tap into forth the way!

While this account is mostly self-publishing focused, if you’re traveling the acceptable publishing route, you should still accept a accurate about-face through them to accomplish abiding you are accustomed with what is out there.

Useful Blogs and Sites

1. The Write Life

This crammer blog is a one-stop-shop alms all you charge to amount out how to plan with clients, cross the alteration mural of publishing, apprentice the ins and outs of amusing media, abound a afterward for your blog and acquisition a association that will abutment you forth the way. You’ll consistently acquisition something advantageous for your book business here. Try not to get absent in the aerial aperture though. There is so abundant accessible admonition actuality I try to time my visits to accomplish abiding I’m not bistro into my autograph time!

2. Kindlepreneur

If you wish to dig abysmal into the goulash of business your books, Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur is your man. His strategies are groundbreaking. Every acknowledged columnist has to abrasion abounding hats, and Dave shares his years of business acquaintance and success to appearance you how to advance the heck out of your books.

3. The Book Designer

Joel Friedlander, the architect of The Book Designer, says “Writers change the apple one clairvoyant at a time. But you can’t change the apple with a book that’s still on your harder drive or in a box beneath your bed.” This embodies the Association Biographer mentality. Joel gives you aggregate you charge to get your book out of the box with a array of self-publishing guides, advice, templates, and toolkits. With his acquaintance in book architecture and advertising, Joel has the creds to admonition you aftermath and advertise a great-looking book.

4. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is run by Joanna Penn, who has been berserk acknowledged with fiction and nonfiction. In her blog and podcast, she covers every aspect of what it takes to alpha and run a acknowledged columnist business. She aswell has a grab bag of books on assorted self-publishing capacity if you can’t get abundant on her blog.

5. Jane Friedman’s website

Jane has added than 20 years of acquaintance in the book and anniversary publishing industry, with ability in agenda media and the approaching of authorship. Her website is abounding of actionable agreeable and abundant strategies for the ambitious columnist from anyone who’s been there and done that abounding times over.

Podcasts Account Your Time

6. Podcast – Neuralle (Uncommon)

Please absolve the abandoned self-promotion here, but abreast from the actuality that I will be a lot of acceptable actualization on this podcast at some point, Neuralle is a absurd self-development podcast and in my apprehensive assessment a accept to for any ambitious columnist or entrepreneur.

Past guests accept included Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Body Builders, Strength Coaches, Activists, Winemakers, Filmmakers and many, abounding more.

7. Tim Ferris Podcast

This appearance is the aboriginal publishing-related podcast that I followed, and it’s still an best favourite. It’s hosted by Tim Ferris an American acknowledged author, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed “human guinea pig”, and accessible speaker.

8. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Bigger Writing

Every blooming biographer should bookmark this podcast. With accessible and astute tips on grammar and storytelling, Mignon Fogarty’s podcast is abiding to admonition you advance your anecdotal and abstruse autograph skills.

9. The Biographer Files

Hosted by Kelton Reid, The Biographer Files is a long-running podcast that delves abysmal into habits and habitats of acclaimed writers. Reid interviews writers from a ample spectrum, giving anniversary adviser a adventitious to see into the apperception of an able columnist aural their brand or interest.


10. Neil Gaiman Board

Neil Gaiman’s Official Message Board. Abundant said.

11. Goodreads Groups

Goodreads is the mega-site (with over 20 actor members) for authors and readers. They accept added specific groups than you can count, and if you can’t acquisition an acknowledgment or afflatus here, afresh it doesn’t exist. You ability feel a bit overwhelmed, but here’s a acute commodity on appliance Goodreads to abutment your columnist business.

12. Scribophile

There are bags of autograph forums out there to accept from, so I advance you accept a play with a few of them. This one works a bit abnormally which is why I like it though. Scribophile provides abundant and accessible critiques from a affiliate exchange. The analyses you’ll get are so abundant added than just a pat on the aback – you’ll get actionable means to advance your writing.

Writing Tools

13. Scrivener

Scrivener is a able autograph apparatus for authors that allows you to apply on basic and alignment your documents. Get a chargeless 30-day balloon and watch some abrupt YouTube tutorials to get acquainted with the arrangement quickly.

14. Grammarly

This proofreading appliance is an bigger adaptation of your accepted spellchecking program. Just archetype and adhesive blocks of argument into Grammarly, and it will analysis your autograph for accepted mistakes. The acumen it’s bigger than a lot of spellcheckers is that it provides advantageous acknowledgment that will advance the all-embracing superior of your book. You will apprentice a lot actual bound by demography heed of the ancillary bar suggestions and explanations.

15. Hemingway Editor

Excellent autograph is absolutely generally aboveboard writing, and Hemingway was the adept at that. Whether you’re autograph fiction or nonfiction, your anecdotal should get to the point with simple language. With the Hemingway software, you will apprentice how to abridge your writing.

Book Publishing and Freelance Help

16. Archangel Ink

Archangel Ink is a one-stop band-aid for accepting your book accessible to publish. Archangel offers a ambit of casework to admonition you with awning design, editing, formatting, audiobook assembly and abundant more. I feel that if you haven’t appear afore you apprentice a lot by manually traveling through the action of commutual your arrangement via Scrivner, award editors/cover creators via say Reedsy/Freelancer and afresh uploading it to KDP/Createspace. About it can be frustrating, so I absolutely accept throwing down some banknote and handing of some or all of this to anyone else. I’m currently because appliance Archangel Ink to aftermath and audiobook for me.

17. 99 Designs

This is a account area you column a architecture project, like your book cover, and dozens of freelancers abide cartoon examples. You afresh baddest finalists based on the submissions and accept the champ to plan with you to actualize a finalised version. 99Designs can be pricey, but it’s a abundant advantage if you wish a able awning architecture for your book.

18. Grammarly

I will not bluster on this too abundant as already do that frequently abundant if you don’t accept the chargeless adaptation of this you charge to get it now. What some of you ability not know, is that via the paid adaptation they accept an advantage to affix you with a able affidavit reader. I haven’t acclimated this afore but because the calibre of aggregate abroad they do I anticipate it’s account investigating.

19. Freelancer

One the a lot of cogent websites for hiring freelance talent. If you wish to acquisition the better basin of people, afresh this is a abundant abode to look. The app makes chatting with -to-be freelancers seamless so you can administer your activity and another of the complete applicant on the go.

20. Reedsy

Reedsy offers a bazaar acquaintance in alteration and awning design. A lot of freelancers actuality accept formed in the publishing industry, so they accept a complete compassionate of what will plan for your books. But you should aswell apprehend to pay added for the freelancers you acquisition here. If you’re traveling the self-publishing avenue aural fiction, a able editor is a must, an complete necessity, seriously. Reedsy is a abundant way to acquisition one, with about every account available. If you can’t allow the lower tier, I advance extenuative your pennies or traveling the acceptable publishing route, area a administrator will accommodate you a able editor to plan with.

Getting Feedback

21. Analysis Monkey

Is an simple to use analysis builder; ask assorted best questions and get demographic admonition about your audiences, like age, sex, or occupation. You can use it for your accepted email list, or column a analysis with a advance allurement about your ambition admirers will see it (forums, pay-per-click ad etc.)

22. PickFu

PickFu allows authors to get burning acknowledgment on your book afore you broadcast appliance admirers polls. This is a added avant-garde advantage for those who already accept assets streams, afresh I don’t advance paying for a ability unless you’ve acclimated a chargeless adaptation and had candid success with it.

Email Marketing

23. AWeber

With a annoyance and bead email builder, absolute angel accumulator and an simple to use interface, AWeber is a abundant advantage to administer your email business communication.

24. MailChimp

MailChimp offers 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers – free. That’s what MailChimp can do for you. A abundant email business ability if you’re just accepting started. MailChimp is simple to set up, simple to administer and offers an simple to calibration appraisement plan as your account grows. As the Wix email advantage ‘Shoutout’ has a capped bulk of emails you can forward but an exportable email list. You can use MailChimp to forward added emails if you are blame the boundaries of the chargeless Wix option.

25. Connected Contact

You can’t alarm yourself connected acquaintance and afresh not be accessible to your customers. And that’s just what makes this email automation aggregation shine. They action annular the alarm abutment 7 canicule a week. They aswell action 60-day FREE trial.

26. SpyFU

Search for any area and see every abode they’ve apparent up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on AdWords, every amoebic rank, and every ad aberration in the endure 11 years. This accumulated with Wix’s seamless SEO makes key words awfully easy. You don’t charge to accept some ten years long.

Learn how to affix with these domains, too. Acquisition online and acceptable leads methods — amusing media, email, phone, and abode — you can’t acquisition anywhere else. So you can attending at added authors aural your alcove and acquisition out absolutely area readers are traveling to acquisition them.

Staying Organized

27. Google Keep

Keep is an accomplished organisation tool. It food every idea, analysis plan and agreeable structure. Which can bound be dumped into Scrivner later.

28. Evernote

Another advantage this is with a few added appearance is Evernote, you can save snippets of agreeable you acquisition online and go aback to all of it in a searchable, taggable simple to acquisition notebooks on Evernote. It aswell connects to my Google Home via IFTTT which frustratingly Google Accumulate doesn’t assume to, so I can handsfree accumulate addendum easily.

29. Google Drive

Accessible from anywhere with internet, Google Drive is a abundant collaborative apparatus for teams to use if you’re alive with content, files, or images in tandem. Google Sheets and Google Docs makes accumulation plan seamless, and all plan can calmly be aggregate with hyperlinks.

30. Tomato Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a time administration action adopted by abounding authors. It’s not consistently simple to accumulate clue of the non-writing tasks accompanying to your book projects. With Brain Focus Productivity Timer, an excel area (or just pen and paper) and Scrivner’s affair tracking you can accumulate motivated with actual affirmation of how harder you’re working. Not alone time associated with the project. Team Viz is addition accomplished paid another to this method, and you can’t overlook the simple Tomato Timer (tomato-timer.com)

31. Slack

It’s like cool chat. Burning communication. Burning book transfer. Indexed and Searchable. It is absurd for accord if you accept a specific activity you are alive on. Again, use wisely, if you are co-authoring for example. Not if you’re just alive with a contributor for a abbreviate time, instead use the platform’s babble for agreeable protection!

32. Lander App

You can apprentice added about A/B testing here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A/B_testing

I accept experimented with A/B testing in the accomplished but didn’t feel that it was badly beneficial. I anticipate that you accept to accept a almost adult acumen to use A/B testing. Potentially I’ll use this for a book barrage with a landing page in the future. Of those that I experimented with, I begin Lander App to be the a lot of aboveboard to use.

Again, if you don’t apperceive what A/B testing doesn’t worry, you don’t charge to! Don’t jump to aggravating to use A/B testing, focus instead on the following:

- Mailing account Opt-in amount

- You different aggregation Website cartage

- Total assurance (comments, email responses) / Book Sales

For the third point there, you apply on assurance if you haven’t appear your aboriginal book yet!

Website Hosting

33. Freenom – A Name for Everyone

One of my favourite hosting companies, if you’re just starting out, I don’t advance spending any money on annihilation if you can abstain it. This is complete for this, as instead of allotment a.com or a.net you can get a chargeless area and calmly bandy with redirection after already you’re profitable. Personally, I use Wix for all website things, but this is an accomplished advantage if you’re just starting out.

34. WP Engine

WP Engine is a hosting aggregation that provides managed WordPress hosting for websites about the world. They accept abundant support, and their servers admonition your WordPress website run a top speed. I use Wix as I acquisition it far added user-friendly, however, the avant-garde appearance do crave a minimum anniversary cost. With WordPress, a lot of appearance can be scaled up for free, but a bit added mucking about with add-ons and tech stuff.

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